Every Heart Can Grow Bigger: A Print Installation by Libby Hague

Event Date: Open Daily from Jun. 9th until Oct. 6th, 2019
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Event Time: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Host: Gallery Stratford

Contact: 519-271-5271
Email: info@gallerystratford.on.ca


Every Heart Can Grow Bigger: A Print Installation by Libby Hague

In assembling her installation, Hague prints off multihued  versions of these diagrammatic sheets with slight variations to capture the complexity of the pervasive data-streams.  Instead of drowning us in the overflow of information, she harkens back to the earliest forms of graphic communicaiton, creating hieroglyphs to still the tumult and give us space for reflection in the midst of this pandemonium.  She traces a path through the rapids and records the journey for posterity - or as a cautionary tale.  This particular arrangement of her materials (the figures, the prints, the words, the emblems) will be dismantled, only to be remounted in different ways on different walls.  What remains amidst the change is the enduring river.  

This event is wheelchair accessible.

Cost: By Donation

Location: Gallery Stratford, Stratford, 54 Romeo Street, South, Stratford, ON

Website: facebook.com/events/297207564519176/

Artist or Venue: libbyhague.com/

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