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  • Photo of Blyth Farm Cheese
  • Photo of Blyth Farm Cheese
  • Photo of Blyth Farm Cheese

Hi, nice to meet you. We’re Blyth Farm Cheese, a small on-farm family business close to Lake Huron near the historical village of Blyth. We are all about making great goat cheese, and are experts in the entire process, from tip to tail. Everything from the farming, to the cheese making, to the packing, is done right on our farm.



  • The goodness of our cheese. We hand-craft them, and throw in some good ol’ tender loving care.

  • Bringing out rich flavours. Our cheese is made form 100% goat’s milk, fresh from the farm.

  • Keeping everything natural. We do not use colouring or any other additives.


​​We would love a visit from you anytime from Monday-Saturday 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.


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